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Patent Snapper Spray

Innovators in mining, rock drilling, dust and Ignition
    suppression technology; precision machinists


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Minnovatino Racing

Methane Probe Rods

Minnovation has developed a set of Methane Probe Rods for use in conjunction with a methane gas detection meter.
Ten tubular quick connect rods of 5ft length can be snapped together to probe into cavities and voids. A pointed poker nozzle is fitted at the leading edge of the rods containing a series of holes for inhaling gas samples.
A threaded connection is provided at the tail of the rods so this can be attached and sealed to the methane measuring meter.
The whole set comes in a bag for ease of transporting underground.
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Available Parts.

Minnovation Part NumberProduct Description
M040440Probe Rod Assembly
74030Klik-on methane probe rod