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Patent Snapper Spray

Innovators in mining, rock drilling, dust and Ignition
    suppression technology; precision machinists


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Minnovatino Racing

Methane Stuffing Boxes

Minnovation has a range of Methane Stuffing Boxes for use with ETA type drill rods.

All models have been developed in conjunction with, and have received approval from UK Coal.

Several versions are offered in single outlet & double outlet format.

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Available Parts.

Minnovation Part NumberProduct Description
S510422" BSP x 2" BSP ETA x1 Outlet Stuffing Box
S510332" BSP x 2" BSP ETA x2 Outlet Stuffing Box
S510543" BSP x 2" BSP x 1 Outlet ETA Stuffing box
S510553" BSP x 2"BSP x 2 Outlet ETA Stuffing Box
S510993" BSP x 3" BSP x 2 Outlet ETA Stuffing Box