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Patent Snapper Spray

Innovators in mining, rock drilling, dust and Ignition
    suppression technology; precision machinists


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Minnovatino Racing

Air Mover Water Cannons

Minnovation offer several water powered air cannons for use underground.
The cannons shown below have been developed for either bolting direct onto mining machinery or by securing from the mine roof by means of a chain connection.
Other air mover devices, such as spray bars for mining and tunneling machines have been supplied in the past for special applications and we welcome your enquiries.
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Available Parts.

Minnovation Part NumberProduct Description
M040266Dust Mover Assembly - Cable Bolting 4.5"
S50873Airmover Cannon Assembly 3.5"
S51041Airmover Cannon Assembly 4.5"
M040350Lightweight Dust Extractor Assembly 4.5"