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Minnovatino Racing

Staple Lock Sprays

The Minnovation "Extended ULOC Spray” is used in numerous applications such as Pick Boxes (Blocks), spray bars,Breakers & Crushers.

The spray is available in sizes from 0.7mm to 1.6 mm orifice and can be supplied as a solid or hollow cone spray with various spray angles between 20 & 90 degrees.

The spray is held in position by means of a steel staple and is sealed by an "O” ring located either on the spray or in the spray housing. 

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Available Parts.

Minnovation Part NumberProduct Description
M040426/12KPBF ext Uloc Spray - 1.2mm DIA.
72181Extended Uloc Spray
75066/12KPBF XOR - Extended Uloc Spray 1.2mm DIA
75066/00KPBF XOR Spray Blank
73034XOR Uloc Staple
71857Standard Staple Ulock Spray
71463Staple Spray Uloc housing short