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Flushfit Sprays

Our "Flush Fit Spray” is a low cost option for dust suppression applications with its main use being in underground mining & tunnelling, but numerous uses have been found on surface applications on crushers & conveyors etc.
It has a simple method of sealing by means of an ‘O’ ring located under the spray collar which traps the ‘O’ against a machined 45 degree chamfer at the entry of the threaded spray location. The tapped machining details are shown for each individual size of spray.
The spray fits almost flush with the surface where it is located to prevent damage. The standard spray pattern is a hollow cone but solid cones and straight jets can be supplied.
We show here our most common 3/8” BSP & 1/4” BSP threaded sprays but other thread sizes can be provided upon request.

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Available Parts.

Minnovation Part numberProduct description
744253/8" BSP Flush Fit (1.5mm Orifice)
733081/4" BSP Flush Fit (Various Orifices)
73308-3/321/4" BSP Flush Fit (3/32" Orifice)
751681/4" BSP Flush Fit Wide Angle (1.2mm Orifice)
M0403851/4" BSP Flush Fit Blank
75329M16 Flush Fit (1.6mm Orifice)
75330M16 Flush Fit Blank