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Patent Snapper Spray

Innovators in mining, rock drilling, dust and Ignition
    suppression technology; precision machinists


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Minnovatino Racing

ETA Trepanner Tool

Minnovation offer two diameters of trepanner tool ( as known in UK Coal "Tin Busters").
The trepanner tooling has been developed to create a smooth hole through the skin of corrugated sheet tin lining in an underground roadway for drilling & installing additional roof bolts without having to disturb the sheeting.
A small hole is penetrated through the tin sheet with the central carbide drill which then acts as a guide so the larger diameter hole can be formed by the larger diameter carbide edged coring portion.
Other diameters can be provided.
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Available Parts.

Minnovation Part NumberProduct Description
733204" Trepanning Tool
732875" Trepanning Tool