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I.T.P.P. Testing Approval & Certification

Minnovation has been involved in the testing, approval & certification of Mining & Tunnelling cutting tool combinations and systems since the late 1980’s when the company co-operated with British Coal’s Research Establishment at MRDE Bretby.
Upon the closure of the Research Establishment, Minnovation, with the consent of British Coal, acquired both the test equipment for ITPP cutting system testing along with RAC Shearer drum testing equipment.
This was done in order that a testing & approvals facility could be provided for the various cutting tool & shearer drum manufacturers that supplied equipment for use in British coal mines.
During the last 25 years Minnovation has co-operated with numerous major mining cutting tool & tool holder providers to acquire ITPP approvals for their products with Minnovation providing the necessary advice for the design and manufacture.
Minnovation has co-operated with Joy, Kennametal, Sandvik, Advanced Cutting systems etc. to provide the necessary accredition.