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Patent Snapper Spray

Innovators in mining, rock drilling, dust and Ignition
    suppression technology; precision machinists


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Minnovatino Racing

Belt Conveyor Spray Bars

Minnovation have developed a range of Belt Conveyor Spray Bars that can be readily fitted to most conveyor structures.
The vertical support structure of the top spray bar consists of two pieces of round hollow steel tubing, one inside the other, which can be adjusted for height.
The horizontal spray bar carries the spray holders which can be slid & rotated on the horizontal bar for optimum positioning. The sprays are our patented quick release "Snapper" sprays that are threadles & can be readily examined and changed by simply using a small flat bladed screw driver.
Solid, hollow or fan "Snapper" sprays can be provided.
A tamper proof water restrictor valve which requires a special key for adjustment can also be incorporated into the spray holder.
We also provide a suitable location for a Conflow Auto Flow Control Unit which can be supplied if required.